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  • New Clients - New Staff
    8th May 15 |

    Now well and truly into our 22 nd  year serving the Association and NFP sectors .. IVT is growing and we are welcoming new clients and new staff. 

  • Training Tip - Dealing with 'Browser Botheration'
    5th Sep 14 |

    Ever wondered why something that worked yesterday is suddenly behaving strangely, or not working at all today? You may be a victim of Bothersome Browser Blight!

    Learn about the factors that contribute to this issue, as well as steps you can take to avoid it happening to you.

  • Publishing eNewsletters to your Website
    4th Sep 14 |

    You may be surprised to learn that the Marketing Module produces a link for each eMessage produced. This means that you can publish your eNewsletters as News articles, making them available online for your members.

  • Reconciling Financial Data
    1st Sep 14 |

    Want to use the Financial Integration section but not sure how it integrates with the Orders List?  Find out how Deb Baum from the Agribusiness Association of Australia does it.

  • Measuring SEO Success via Google Analytics
    5th Aug 14 |

    Search Engine Marketing Issues - Measuring SEO Success via Google Analytics

  • Making the Warning & Reminder Emails Work for You
    1st Aug 14 |

    One of the many benefits of using Association Online and Nonprofit Online is the automated email function – particularly as it relates to membership renewals.  
     You are probably aware that the system can automatically send up to:
    •    Three reminder emails Pre-expiry: advising that they can now renew their soon-to-expire membership
    •    Three reminder emails Post-expiry: advising that their membership has expired, but it is not too late to renew.
    As with many other functions in the system, the automated emails are controlled by settings that you can configure and edit. What you may not realise, is that this is a three step process.

  • Training Tip - WYSIWYG Editor Formatting
    4th Jul 14 |

    Learn how to ensure that what you see is really what you get!

  • IVT User Group Launch & User Group Meetings
    15th Apr 14 |

    For those who may have missed it, we launched the IVT User Group in July-August 2013.  The user group has various aspects, but centres around the online community hosted via the Association Online Clique Module

  • Product Planning for Product Improvement
    9th Apr 13 |

    IVT staff all joined in a Product Planning Day to contribute to the continual improvement of our products Association Online and Nonprofit Online.

  • Your Say - ABSA comments on Association Online
    2nd Nov 12 |

    I can not recommend the staff at IVT or Association Online highly enough. Rodger Hills -ABSA

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