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A Great Year for 2013 Updates

24th Dec 13

2013 has seen development on functionality both ‘under the hood’ and in plain view.  ‘Under the hood’ elements included the platform, code and WYSIWYG Editor updates.  The ‘in plain view’ enhancements developed this year are too numerous to mention, however you can read about some of them here.

Just some of 2013 's Enhancements

The 'in plain view’ enhancements developed this year are too numerous to mention, however some of them include:

  • Responsive Site Design upgrades
  • Clique, the Online Community module.
  • Membership - Auto Renewal, Report Builder, Membership Post Expiry reminders, Additional status dates (Members Since, Last Renewed),  enhanced Pro-rata Fees configuration
  • Contact Database - Manage Duplicates, Shared queries are now visible by all admins and can be deleted by super admins, Reordering of dropdown list & checkbox options
  • Events - Speaker Profiles, Limit Event Registration by access group, Name (Sponsor) a Table, improved Registration Form, Company Name added to the attendance sheet
  • Compliance Tracker
  • Commerce: faster loading in Orders, Change Payment Method option.
  • Search directory - location radius by front end user
  • Conference Open & Close dates
  • Cross functional features - Note Manager, Email themes, Import / Export component, New Security Code System, Send test emails, Resend emails from the delivery log, and Category Manager including admin access by category.

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