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IVT Announces Neil Evenden as General Manager

2nd Nov 12

Neil Evenden is one of the most well known faces at IVT, having been with the company for many years as our National Business Development Manager.

So it's our great pleasure to announce that Neil has been promoted to the position of General Manager of IVT.

Almost all our clients have met, chatted on the phone, or worked with Neil at some point, and as a result he's intimately familiar with their needs.

Many years ago while IVT was first working with the Public Relations Institute of Australia to set up their online membership management system, Neil was the first person to recognise that the services and software we were providing to the PRIA represented a broader opportunity and general need among non-profits and professional associations, and start pushing IVT towards specialising in that area.


The result has been the Association Online and Nonprofit Online packages that now form our primary focus.

It's great to have someone as trustworthy and capable as Neil to take on management of the day to day operation of the business. Congratulations Neil!