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IVT attending 2013 Industry Conferences

4th Jul 13

IVT Business Development Managers Mal White and Lloyd Grosse have participated in five industry conferences so far this year, with another two happening in July and August.

IVT Business Development Managers Mal White and Lloyd Grosse have participated in:

  • Third Sector Expo, Melbourne
  • EEAA Leaders Forum, Bowral
  • Connecting Up Conference, Gold Coast
  • CMA Conference, Gold Coast
  • Better Boards Conference, Melbourne

Meeting hundreds of delegates and hearing a range of interesting presenters make these very worthwhile  events on the Not-For-Profit calendar, and a great connecting point for IVT as industry service specialists.

As part of building brand awareness for  IVT, Association Online and Nonprofit Online, we find that exhibiting at conferences and trade shows has become an essential part of our marketing and engagement strategy. Many people have now heard of our products as clients spread the word among their peers within the Charity and Association sectors.

Mal & Lloyd enjoy speaking with many organisation leaders around their software requirements and are always encouraged by people's response when they discover the full integration and automation of our software. They appreciate the fact that here is an Australian made, proprietary built system that is purpose-built for their industry and meets their criteria. Showcasing many of our client websites at these conferences demonstrates the creativity and versatility of our designers and web developers.

A strong point of engagement for conference delegates is that both Mal and Lloyd come from their side of the fence, each with 25+ years experience as NFP practitioners and managers. People seem to find a unique alliance with Mal and Lloyd and see them as industry peers rather than software sales representatives.

Two upcoming opportunities to get involved in Industry Conferences are:

Registration are still open - we encourage you to attend.

And for those of you already registered, we look forward to a chat.