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IVT User Group Launch & User Group Meetings

15th Apr 14

For those who may have missed it, we launched the IVT User Group in July-August 2013.  The user group has various aspects, but centres around the online community hosted via the Association Online Clique Module

IVT User Group Launch & User Group Meetings

Following the successful launch of the IVT User Group online, we hosted a number of face-to-face User Group meetings in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 

Our thanks again to all those who attended the face-to-face events.  The consistent feedback we’ve received from you indicated that you want to continue to meet periodically to share best-practice ideas with other Association Online and Nonprofit Online users - although perhaps not in November!

Stay tuned as we look at meeting plans for 2014.

You can learn more about Clique and the IVT User Group.