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Making the Warning & Reminder Emails Work for You

1st Aug 14

One of the many benefits of using Association Online and Nonprofit Online is the automated email function – particularly as it relates to membership renewals.  
 You are probably aware that the system can automatically send up to:
•    Three reminder emails Pre-expiry: advising that they can now renew their soon-to-expire membership
•    Three reminder emails Post-expiry: advising that their membership has expired, but it is not too late to renew.
As with many other functions in the system, the automated emails are controlled by settings that you can configure and edit. What you may not realise, is that this is a three step process.

3 Steps to make Expiry Warning & Reminder Emails work for you

Put simply, you need to:

1.    Check that this has been setup in the Membership Type’s form fields.
2.    Enable the relevant email(s) in the Default Emails section.
3.    Check with IVT that the Reminder Emails Scheduled Task is active. 

Only after completing these three steps will the automatic emails be sent.

If you are an administrator, click on the link to access detailed instructions for:

3 Steps to activate Membership Expiry Warning & Reminder Emails.