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Mobile Media Consumption reaches new heights

30th Sep 16

The Deloitte report (previously known as the State of the Media Democracy) provides a current snapshot and unique demographic insight into how Australians are consuming different media and entertainment, using technology and devices, interacting with the Internet and social networks and responding to advertising. 

The challenges of anticipating and responding to digital consumers changing behaviours to connect with members and customers across platforms and devices are common across many industries and professions.

Deloitte's longitudinal survey now gathering information over three years is showing an increasing march to mobile digital consumption with many traditional media reaching a tipping point this year.  

On the current trajectory the preferred source of entertainment will eclipse watching TV in the coming year. News content viewed in digital format has already passed the tipping point and Magazines will be next if our media habits continue to significant change to digital. 

While people do not want to pay for traditional news other paid content (like Pay TV) rates are slowly climbing.  This rise in people wanting "expert" or "premium"  content is good news for Associations and Nonprofit organisations who are seen as leaders in their field.  

This poses great opportunities for organisations who are working with specific professions or causes - if you get it right.  More and more sites are going to need to use good Responsive Design to render the experience of your site on a multitude of screens (some we haven't even seen yet).

See examples of how IVT is assisting our clients to respond to this new opportunity by resizing the following sites and seeing how they render of different screen sizes:

Click here to take view the Deliotte Report.