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Reconciling Financial Data

1st Sep 14

Want to use the Financial Integration section but not sure how it integrates with the Orders List?  Find out how Deb Baum from the Agribusiness Association of Australia does it.

Reconciling Financial Data

Many of you have seen the Batch Process functionality in the Financial Integration section, (as described in the Orders & Invoicing Manual).  A current limitation of the system is the need select the transactions to add them to the batch, as well as to mark all transactions as 'Processed' in the Order list at the end of the export / import process.

Recently one of our newer clients, Deb Baum explained the process that she follows - I liked it so much I asked Deb if I could share it with all of you.  Click here to view Deb's process.

Thanks again Deb for 'best-practice sharing' with us.