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The Growing IVT Team

2nd Nov 12

Welcome Tristan McLeay and Cal Ferguson to IVT

The capacity of our development team has been boosted over the last few months with the addition of two new software engineers, Tristan McLeay and Cal Ferguson.

Both have settled in brilliantly, contributing to many of the new software features and upgrades that have been released recently including the highly anticipated "merge duplicates" functionality.

Tristan McLeay

Tristan's work at IVT so far has been mostly working on both new features and underlying foundational work on the software, working as part of our Sprint team to turn out new features rapidly on three-week development/release cycles.


Cal Ferguson

Cal has spent most of his time over the last couple of months working on support and general software improvements, assisting Development Team Leader Jeff Kruize with day to day tasks that make everyone's life easier.