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Training Tip - Meta Data Short Cut

2nd Oct 12

Learn about a useful shortcut to help you with Search Engine Optimisation.

October Training Tip - Meta Data Shortcut

One question I'm often asked in training, is 'Do I really need to add information in the Meta Data tab on the record form?'  

Although we are all interested in maximising our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we are also time-poor, so anything that can help us to save time is a good thing!


What is it?

To access this shortcut, go to the Dashboard>Settings section of your site.  


Scroll down until you see the Meta Keywords and Meta Description fields:


Whatever you enter in these fields will apply globally throughout your website - with the exception of pages with the Meta Tab populated, (see below).

Any data saved on the Meta Tab of the Record form, (when you are creating your page), will override the global meta data fields in Dashboard>Settings.


Click here to print a one page Quick Tip Sheet.


Josephine Ferguson
Training Coordinator